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Filmmaker Bio: Marta Rich

Marta, the filmmaker behind “Gadsby’s Tavern,” is a rising senior at St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes Upper School in Alexandria, Virginia. Though new to the world of filmmaking, Marta managed to enter with action. A native of Alexandria, Marta spent many years working at Gadsby’s Tavern, and her historical documentary on the renovation of this cultural icon by Rebecca Ramsey Reese certainly showcases that experience.

Marta has been a volunteer at Gadsby’s Tavern ever since she was a little girl. From fourth to sixth grade, Marta attended the Junior Docents program, which combines children’s love of history with important public speaking experience by giving summer tours. In addition, she deeply enjoyed leading the Tavern Overnight program, which teaches Junior Girl Scouts about Rebecca Reese’s preservationist views through having the Junior Scouts “meet” Rebecca Ramsey Reese herself.

Originally, Marta was uncertain concerning the reactions her film would receive from both friends and audie…

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