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US Senator Deb Fischer and Nebraska State Senator Al Davis Send Commendation Letters

Ty Kvanvig holds his letters of commendation
American History Film Project Participants Receive Congressional Commendation American History Film Project participants Ty Kvanvig, Teven Marshall, and Lexi Rice all received letters of commendation from US Senator Deb Fischer of Nebraska and a personal, handwritten note from Nebraska State Senator Al Davis (district 43).

Sen. Deb Fischer called Ty Kvanvig and Teven Marshall's instructional video about the historical construction of sod houses in the Nebraska plains "very informative" and said that their film being selected for the American History Film Project's exhibition is "well deserved" and a "wonderful achievement."

Letters from US. Sen. Deb Fischer (R) and Neb. State Sen. Al Davis (L) Connect With Us!The American History Film Project is on multiple social networks. Click on the icons below to connect with us!

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